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Honey Advisory (Pty) Ltd is a 100% Black Female Owned company. We provide unique and innovative solutions to your business need. We offer a comprehensive range of business advisory services to help you achieve your strategic goals. We help you define strategic objectives and formulate solutions that keep you ahead of disruptive change. Our advisory services enable organisations to solve critical business issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. Tapping into their vast business expertise, Honey Advisory also empowers organisations to develop any specialist skills that might be lacking. We are primarily concerned with the strategy, structure, management, operations, finances, and corporate governance of a company.

In providing our advisory services, we provide our clients with a team of experts with sound technical knowledge and an understanding of the client’s requirements and the environment to provide quality services. Our crucial principle in offering our service is to ensure that skills transfer to our client’s team as we render our services. Thus, we work closely with the key employees of our clients to ensure that they have an adequate understanding of the
work we do and that there is sustainability of the work done after the end of our assignments.

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